Why you Should Test Different Conversion Funnels in Online Marketing | socialexcerpts.com

Why you Should Test Different Conversion Funnels in Online Marketing | socialexcerpts.com

Online marketing should always be revolved around a certain goal. For some, getting more followers and fans is the main objective while for some online branding is the goal while for some, it’s sales generation. However, whatever your goal is, it’s important that you should see and measure the results in and as a conversion funnel. We recommend multiple conversion funnels to get a clearer picture. Wondering why it’s so important?

Reason # 1. You must have been present on various social networks from Facebook to LinkedIn, from Twitter to YouTube, from Google+ to Instagram. For all these channels, there must be a pre-set goal that you want to achieve. Having and monitoring a conversion funnel is essential to check if at all your social media and online marketing practices are working on the channel.

Reason # 2. It would save you a lot of time. For example, if you discover that LinkedIn is not working for you as expected, you can lower down the time and money, you generally spend on the network and invest the time on the most-rewarding channel instead.

For example, let’s assume you run ads on Google and Facebook. Ideally, you should have two conversion funnels to track. If you find your Facebook campaigns are getting you more conversions than that of Google’s, you can decrease the amount you spend on Google, while increasing the Facebook ad budget ads a bit.

Reason # 3. Your online activities such as social media updates, SEO submissions, guest blogging, PPC ads have a concrete impact on your overall online marketing. And every action is making a way to redirect your potential customers to your conversion funnel. It would be easier for you to track your customers’ behavior on each network through individual funnels.

These are the reasons that you should focus on multiple conversion funnels instead of just one. Now let’s discuss how to implement it successfully.

  • Select the networks where your customers spend maximum time online
  • Define the goals you want to achieve on the network
  • Determine the Metrics, associated with each network. For example, if you want to monitor your email campaigns, track subscribers, open rates and clicks. The numbers should go above, ideally.
  • Always give a call-to-action with your content
  • Measure the engagement rate for each social media posts (clicks, likes, shares, comments, RTs, favorites etc.)
  • Try and test ads on different platforms to see what works better for your audience.
  • Audit your AdWords campaigns once in a month
  • Compare your competitors with your performance once in a month
  • Track all of them in an excel sheet.

Now, you should have one conversion funnel for one channel. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to find out what’s working for you and what not, compared to the state if you maintain one funnel for all your online marketing efforts? The answer is obvious. Isn’t it?

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