Why You Need a Mobile Strategy | socialexcerpts.com

Why You Need a Mobile Strategy | socialexcerpts.com

Do you have a mobile app for your business?

Wondering if at all you need one? If you have a service or product to offer, then you must have a mobile app for your brand. It’s more like a portable website that anyone can carry along and anyone can browse your services anytime, irrespective of his geo-location and connectivity.

For example, let’s assume you have a leather goods store. Considering the fact that you already have a website, you have a clientele, who know about your store and your products. We can assume that your potential buyers belong to the good-income group, thus must use smart phones.

If you introduce a mobile app, your customers can browse through your mobile app in order to buy your products. The process is pretty simple. You provide with the entire gallery on the app. They select the product. Choose payment option and pay. You deliver the product to him or her within the buffer time. The entire activity runs online and neither you nor your customers need to go to any other place.

Here are some stats to support the logic that you too need a mobile app:

“More than 60 percent of mobile owners are using their devices to download social networking apps.”

“35 percent of Android and iPhone owners use apps such as Facebook before getting out of bed.”

Here are top 3 reasons that you must have a mobile strategy for your business:

  1. It’s convenient for the site owner and his customers. The interested customers can use the app to buy a product or service anytime he wants. And at the same time, the seller does not have to run one place to another to sell the products.
  1. One can monetize the app for advanced version. For example, if you introduce the free version to launch the mobile app and to increase its accessibility, as free stuff is loved by one and all. When it will be a big hit and you will manage to create a pretty good market demand for the advanced version of the app, you can charge your customers for the advanced features.
  1. Mobile apps support other forms of online marketing like couple delivery, location-based services and many more. For example, you can sell your discount coupons and voucher on mobile. The buyer will have to carry his phone to the store, show it to the cashier to redeem the offer. It’s a great way to increase footfalls on your storefront as well.

A mobile app is nothing but to increase your sales or visibility. You may be losing hundreds of your potential customers, if you don’t have a mobile app. So, hurry!

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