Why Companies Should Pay Attention to Blogging | socialexcerpts.com

Why Companies Should Pay Attention to Blogging | socialexcerpts.com

Blogging is the next big thing; there is no denial in that. While personal blogging is reaching new heights, there is still scope for improvements for company blogging. Businesses don’t take blogging as seriously as individual bloggers. And they have hundreds of excuses for it. Some companies would say that they don’t have enough time for quality blogging while some would say that corporate blogging is a thankless job.

To all of them: Successful blogging needs time to flourish. One should not expect overnight success and fame riding on his company blog. If he sticks to it for a long time and generate quality content, his blog has to be a big hit.

Here are some pointers you should follow:

Write for your readers: Remember, your readers are smarter than you. They know what they are reading and what they want. And if you fail to provide exactly what they need, you would fail in blogging.

There are millions of options, when it comes to online blogs and your post needs to stand out in every respect, be it SEO, layout and above all, content.

First of all, when your target audience would search with related keywords, your blog should appear on search results. This is the basic and first step for your blogging success. Secondly, your blog should look good. Thirdly, your content must pay value against your reader’s time.

Don’t create corporate selfies: If you create too much promotional content, it would be treated as nothing more than a collection of selfies, which is a big no-no for brands. Blogging is a great platform to let people know about your brand. True! But you should not overdo it for obvious reasons.

Your readers would not be interested to read about your company’s promotional content, unless you promise something interesting for them. So, even if you write promotional stuff, present it well and keep in mind your reader’s take out.

Spend on your blogs: Many businesses are still hesitant to spend on their social media content, let alone their corporate blogs. But the fact remains, your corporate blog needs a little push to reach to the target audience.

Many brands settle for sharing their blogs on social networks and think the channels would work to enrich their reach. This is wrong. Your blog posts need to get the monetary support, so that they reach the right audience. This is important when you are trying to establish your blog. Once it’s established in its niche, you may not run ads so religiously.

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