Who all dine out more? | SocialExcerpts

Who all dine out more? | SocialExcerpts

Who all dine out more? Nov 28

Tech-savvy people dine out more, compared to those, who are not much fond of technology and internet, according to a National Restaurant Association study.

The restaurant owners confirmed that patrons, who use Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Yelp etc, not only visit food stations more often but also tend to become return visitors. 94% of social media savvy individuals reported that they enjoy visiting restaurants as apposed to 88% of the other people.

They divided the tech savvy people into two categories: Connected adults (Internet savvy people, who stay connected through emails) and Social Media savvy people. 30% of social media savvy people read and post restaurant reviews while only 27% connected adults do the same. It also says that 29% of social media regulars check restaurants’ fan pages on Facebook and videos on YouTube. And strikingly, they don’t quite like Twitter, when it comes to checking a restaurant’s social presence. 51% of social media savvy people and 48% of connected adults told that restaurants played a vital part of their lifestyle.

It implies that restaurants owners should start concentrating more on social media in the coming years. Isn’t it?

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