What’s the best time to tweet? | SocialExcerpts

What’s the best time to tweet? | SocialExcerpts

What’s the best time to tweet? Nov 18

What is the best time to tweet so that it reaches maximum number of users at one go? Knowing your potential consumers are there on Twitter, it is all the more important to know when they generally sign in. According to a latest stat, more than 200 million tweets are posted each day. With that, chances are that your tweet might go unnoticed by your future prospects. Remedy? You need to figure out a time, which would be best for you to tweet.

Thanks to web 2.0 technologies, now there are tools with which you can schedule your tweets.

When To Tweet: It works on two parameters. Firstly, the performance of your previous tweets on a given time will be judged. And secondly, the time when most of your followers come online will be counted. Just write your Twitter id in the box and the app will send you a graph. The graph is easy to understand to determine the best time for you to tweet.

Tweet Stats: TweetStats sends you a tweet density report, where you can find when your TL is flooded with maximum and minimum number of tweets every day. Accordingly, you can schedule your tweets at your convenience. Apart from that, it shows you how many tweets you get and how many replies you send, in order to compare the two.

Tweet Reports: Unlike other apps, this tool collects the statistics from your top 25 influential Twitter followers. It tells you when these tweeps come online and tweet, so that you can post your updates accordingly. You also can search keywords on this tool. You can track the keywords, which are mostly talked about and when.

Apart from these tools, TweetWhen and Twiriod are also there to let you know the perfect time of your tweeting.

So next time when you will log in to Twitter, be sure about the time. Stop wasting your interesting tweets. Happy tweeting!

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