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Regardless of whether you have launched your business today, last week or over a year ago, it is important that you keep a watch on your site for accurate and relevant information and the content that keeps your company’s best interest. That’s because when there are things in your business website that shouldn’t be, they aren’t just wasting space, they are also creating an impression that you can’t manage details very well and that is never good for the business.

So here we are, tipping you off with “few great pointers” to keep your site clean and to the point.

  1. Look for old bios, images and product description: These include anything from executive bios for members of the company who have moved on to product shots from the 80s. If who you are, doesn’t reflect in your bio of the website, what does that tell your customer?
  2. Price check: Keeping aside the fact that incorrect pricing can lead to all kind of legal liabilities, lost sale and hits your profit margin, having wrong prices for your product or services also puts you at a disadvantage to your competitors.
  3. Remove services and products that you no longer offer: This point is pretty self-explanatory. It is rather inane to keep product or service on your website that you no longer offer as it inevitably leads to requests that you can’t honor. Needless to say that this is the surest way to get negative review and a poor online reputation.
  4. Missing links and pages: Missing pages are bad for your website’ search engine positioning, which we think, is a reason good enough, to get rid of them. Google doesn’t like broken links but we also know someone who hates it even more- your customers.
  5. Outdated terminologies: Old terminologies hurt you in two ways- first, it tells customers that you aren’t on the cutting edge of your industry; and secondly, it removes the “important” keywords from search engine profile.
  6. Reminders of the past events: A calendar on your website that hasn’t been updated in ages screams that your business is no longer in business. We hope you get the point here.

The real point is that there shouldn’t be anything in your business that isn’t helping your business grow. If necessary, work with a strong web design team and a top-notch analytics platform, you should be able to tell which parts of your sites are performing and which aren’t.


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