Twitter Marketing | SocialExcerpts

Twitter Marketing | SocialExcerpts

Twitter Marketing Oct 24

People with a strong web presence already know that Twitter is an indispensable web tool, which have allured nearly 200 million users so
far. In Web 2.0 Summit, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed some interesting stats about the site. According to him, 50 million users log in to Twitter daily and they post almost 250 million updates per day.

Now the question arises, if you are a business owner, are you leveraging Twitter’s daily user-base to the fullest? Getting on the micro-blogging site is simple. Setting a customized Twitter background with a logo is also very easy. The critical part is, however, to reach maximum Twitter users at a given point of time.

So, how can you make maximum use of your time, spent on Twitter? Find out your potential consumers.

Not every Twitter user would be beneficial for your business. Know the cluster of users on Twitter, who would be
interested in your brand. For example, if you are a real estate agent, your target should be older adults. Interacting and chatting with younger people would take you nowhere.

What is your main Twitter activity? Sharing company links? Providing industry news? Have you ever thought if these activities fail to attract your prospects, the way you want it. Knowledge-sharing will not do, unless you can create a couple of value-adding conversations on the TLs of your followers.

Track everything on Twitter. Due to some technical problems, you might not get all the mentions properly. Set an alternative instead. Setting a mail alert for every mention would be a feasible option. It will give alarms as soon as a mention comes in on Twitter, making it easier for you.

Twitter marketing is as easy as posting a tweet. All you need to remember is, if you tickle the right chord, you can get it.

Some interesting Twitter stats:

  • gets nearly 400 million visitors a month
  • visitor growth is recorded up 60% in 2011
  • 55 million users  log in to Twitter from their smartphones
  • The amount of Twitter users to log in every month is grown by 82% since January 2011
  • Twitter hosts nearly one billion tweets every 5 days

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