Tools to Know When Your Fans are Online |

Tools to Know When Your Fans are Online |

time-300x300-1Knowing when your target audience is online, is crucial. If you manage to know this, you would save a lot of your time. It would also add more value to your content marketing, as there would be hardly any chance for your content to be remained unnoticed.

However, that does not mean you should only focus on posting only in these time slots. Remember, social media is accessed by the global audiences. What if, a person from Texas is interested in your content? You don’t want to miss one single opportunity to reach out to your potential audience. Do you?

Let’s find out the best tools that would help you understand when your target group comes online, followed by a brief guide on how to strategize your content marketing accordingly.

Tweriod: Tweriod shows when your Twitter followers come online on a daily basis.


Apart from that, get your hourly graphs as well. You can choose your views from Weekends or Weekdays to Combined.


Replies are an important metrics to measure your amplification. You can get a clear view of your reply graph on Tweriod. This is important to select the time, when you should expect more replies from your followers.


Followerwonk: A Moz tool, Followerwonk is another amazing apparatus that would offer excellent insights about your Twitter followers. Go to the website  and hit “Analyze followers”. Choose ‘analyze their followers’ from the drop-down and write your name in the search box.

You can have a clear idea about the busiest and slowest hours for your followers on Twitter.


Not only that, it will show you when you are active on Twitter. Here you can make a comparative study with your followers’s Twitter active time with yours.


Facebook Insights: Facebook Insights is an in-built Facebook Analytics tool that is offered to any business pages, having more than 30 Likes.

Facebook Insights marks the busiest hours for each day of the week along with an overall look. You can easily see when most of your fans come online. This is extremely helpful to plan your social content marketing.


But the problem is, these tool-suggested times may not always match with what the social media experts would suggest.

According to Social Caffeine, The best time to post on Twitter and Facebook are between 1 pm to 3 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm respectively. And the worst time slots are 8 pm to 8 am for Facebook and 8 pm to 9 am for Twitter. Moreover, it also suggests not to post anything during weekends. However, according to Belle Beth Cooper, weekends are the ideal time to post on any social network.


And the later, the better.


Confused? Want a solution? Here we go!

Follow the insights offered by Followerwonk, Tweriod and Facebook Insights. They will help you track when your audiences come online.

Post throughout the day. On Twitter, follow the best time slots, when your followers are online. On Facebook choose one or two timings, when the traffic gets higher. Don’t think of posting more than three posts a day on Facebook.

Think of your global audience. If you have a global audience, plan your updates according to their time zones. For example, if they belong to four different time zones, make a roadmap for these four different audiences.

Post throughout the week. Don’t miss weekends. Remember, people visit social networking sites during weekends too. And it’s the time when they have plenty of time to read, research and network. Feed them well, you’ll not regret.

And finally, if your audience comes online when you sleep or go offline, opt for automation tools like HootSuite or Buffer. These are excellent tools to manage your entire social media content and also offer deep insights on the performance of each of your content. But don’t leave everything on automation.

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