Titbits of Social Media | SocialExcerpts

Titbits of Social Media | SocialExcerpts

Titbits of Social Media Oct 18

Let us share some random bits on social media. Few things we collected while browsing through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. But keep in mind social media is ever evolving and adapts to new challengers, such as Tent, Path, App.net etc.

  • It is nearly impossible for any post to go viral on LinkedIn because the post doesn’t really appear on your connection’s homepage.
  • There is a way to send tweets to Facebook and vice versa;  but no way for tweets to be displayed on LinkedIn automatically.
  • The most comprehensive set of APIs is with Twitter, among Facebook and Twitter, yet it has the most restrictive language on API terms of use.
  • While Facebook and Twitter allows a post to be deleted via API, LinkedIn has hiccups about that. It doesn’t allow post to be deleted via API.
  • While LinkedIn and Twitter supports private message via API, Facebook doesn’t do so. Facebook allows you to send emails.
  • Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn require you to create an account with real names but you can skip Twitter.
  • LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook support follow model (one-way subscription) although it was first popularized by Twitter.

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