Things to learn from startups | SocialExcerpts

Things to learn from startups | SocialExcerpts

Things to learn from startups Dec 01

“Stay hungry, stay foolish” – Steve Jobs

Hunger: This is the quality that keeps an organization going, successfully. It’s the hunger for learning, hunger for excellence, and hunger for upgradation. It’s a “won’t fail” attitude, which creates a thin line between a mere company and a successful organization. And this is the reason that more and more startups are evolving into operation every year, but only a few secure their places in the business ecosystem while leaving a success story for others. Everyone can learn something from these startups in bits and pieces. Let’s go and unveil it.

You exist: Let the world know that you exist. And the best way to do it effectively and inexpensively is social media. Most of the successful startups start their journey with social media to build proper network, to create brand identity, and to increase leads. But staying connected with your websites is also very important.

Mutual admiration: People of similar dreams and needs should go hand in hand. And this is the basic success mantra of most of the successful startups. For example, if you run a web development company, you might need to outsource your work at optimum rate, which none other than another startup can offer you.

Optimum use of fund: Just because you have the fund, it does not mean you should spend it. Learn it from startups. They don’t buy a Mac Book, when desktop computer would be sufficed. They would not go for pizza every day, when the team members prefer hotdogs.

Think big: Your resources are your true asset. Make an optimum use of your resources. Not everyone can do all types of work. Allot right people for the right work. If someone needs to overwork, announce proper incentive for motivation. Set bigger dreams and encourage your team to achieve them.

Deliver on time: Startups have an urge to shine through the cut throat competition. And this is the reason, they believe in delivering quality work on time, because they know there are hundreds of similar companies are waiting to replace them. And this could be their last chance to prove.

Team players: There is a difference between ‘employee’ and ‘team’. Startups don’t have employees, they prefer ‘team members’. Team players would think out of the box for their own company, and nor for the organization they work for. Startups place team benefit over company benefits.

No matter if you are a startup or a corporate house, if you can follow these simple tips, you would only go higher and higher. If you have anything to add or any story to share, use this space.

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