The paradigm shift of Social Marketing | SocialExcerpts

The paradigm shift of Social Marketing | SocialExcerpts

The paradigm shift of Social Marketing Oct 09

When we talk about “shift”, it does not necessarily have to be the polar shift or the red shift. We are talking about the global shift of the ever evolving social marketing. More often than none, small shifts in the marketing efforts can evolve into a 180 degree of success.

Of course, results don’t happen overnight and more importantly, there is not one path leading to the hall of fame. This is where planning your shift comes into play. Often times we look at what we need to accomplish on our roadmap with an innumerable options like paid, earned and owned media. Wrap it up with creative execution. Simple!

There are clients who are trying to see a million buck shift and with their size, all it takes is a single shift or “turning the right dials”, until u get an integrated marketing mix that works for them. Then there are others who want brand awareness. The point is, a shift needs to happen. “What do you really need”, whether its awareness or sales! You just can’t afford to get this one wrong lest you want to sail off course.  The only plausible way for success in any business and on any budget level is to allow for little shifts along the way that help you to determine whether you are on the right track.

Imploring the six ‘sphinxlike’ approach towards marketing shifts

  1. Think big, but only at first- nothing can actually happen without thinking what the possibilities are. “Don’t sweat the petty stuff”. Think big because you ought to have a mighty big list to start with, in order to break down everything you want to accomplish.
  2. Plan, variables and otherwise:  Going wrong at all stages in pretty much possible, especially on social media. So you will have to know what can put you in unfavorable condition. So give a second thought in everything you do, like what are the challenges and what, you think, might happen, and how you’ll respond.
  3. Think visual: It is possible to paint a picture. There is a reason why we live in a visual economy; people respond to visuals and the main way to get sales is to show it, and not just telling. So, find a visual way to represent the vision, everyone will believe in you.
  4. The path isn’t a straight one: The world that we live in is unpredictable and so are the processes we seem to be so familiar with every day. There is no second way other than to be open and flexible to the changing processes.
  5. Failure means to make a shift and try again: A shit that makes the desired difference comes from several different trials and errors. So do not be afraid to try if you fail once. When you’re able to see the shifts out of each challenge, they will add up to your success.
  6. Celebrate every success shifts: High five your team even with the little successes. Those little successful milestones are the ones that make the process that much more fun.

The key point here is to be authentic at all time, towards your forward momentum. Remember, its those little steps that lead to a final leap.

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