Spotify your Business | SocialExcerpts

Spotify your Business | SocialExcerpts

Spotify your Business Oct 17

If you are already marketing your business online, you are probably building a community on Facebook and Twitter. There are also other ways of building an effective and loyal community while increasing brand awareness that goes beyond the “so-popular” social sites.

Social music discovery can be the primal frontier of social media, and Spotify is the popular platform for discovering music and sharing playlists with friends. But can it hold value to your brand?

Marketing your brand on Spotify is one of the subtle tactics of marketing, so your customers are more likely to engage with your brand there.

Let’s substantiate on how this platform can engage your target community and how other small businesses are using the service to market themselves.

Using Spotify:

To begin with when you register for a Spotify account, register with an email address and choose a user name that reflects your company instead of signing up with a personal Facebook account.

Spotify has two tools to help your advertising- a) branded playlist and b) Apps, which a number of bigger brands have already hopped on for exposure. But Spotify have a greater potential than this.

Your Blog: You can give your posts a multi-media spin by inserting playlists that fit your post’s theme and if your readers have Facebook sharing activity in their Spotify accounts. The name of the playlist they are listening to will show in their friends newsfeeds. That is FREE brand exposure for you.

Getting into the 2-way Zone:

Running contests or starting a collaborative playlist in Spotify gives you a chance to interact with your customers and let them off their musical tastes. Bands, radio stations or concert venues can hold contests for fans to create a setlist for the tour. The winning playlist gets tickets to the show. How smart is that!

If you are in the retail business, your store or restaurant could start a collaborative playlist for patrons to suggest sings to add to your background music rotation. Feature a few new songs from the playlist every week. You could join in with your customers’ music discovery. It’s a fun way to keep your business in front of their minds without letting them realize or feel that they are being “marketed to”.

Real Businesses using Spotify:

Union Transfer and World Café Live are two concert venues in Philadelphia, United States who connect with people on Spotify by updating playlists of artists featured in upcoming concerts.

In India, however, any big business is yet to grab the scope of utilizing Spotify for any main stream activity but we do hope that this article helps you to do so. Do connect with us for more ideas.

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