Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing |

Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing |

What is your favorite? Social media marketing or content marketing? As a marketer, you must know these are only marketing jargons. Ultimately, what matters is, your strategy to send your message across and the end result to help your business grow.

What is social media marketing?

Social media is a new game changer. Earlier the tool is used for communication between two individuals. Soon the merit was identified by businesses and they started connecting with their audience on social media channels. Today’s social media marketing is dominated by networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit and the list is on and on.

Every network has its own demographics and can be used to meet different targets. There are lots of tasks going on in social media marketing, from posting to sharing; from replying to commenting. The posts on social media are considered as a part of content marketing, since they are used to promote a brand or company on the space.

What is content marketing:

Yes, content marketing is a vital part of social media marketing. But there are many angles left in this sector. Content marketing is an old practice, although the term is coined recently. It refers to all publishing practices that a business does.

It includes blogs, writepapers, videos, ebooks, TV or Radio commercial ads, infographics and anything that a brand does to establish its authority. In modern day marketing, where online and traditional marketing work hand in hand, it is very essential to merge these two marketing practices in order to get the best results.

Content marketing is considered as the most powerful tool that a business can use online. Social media marketing can be a part of it and support the entire content marketing process of a business. Many businesses, especially startups and SMEs don’t have the proper resources and capital to start content marketing in the truest sense. For them, the best possible alternative is social media marketing.

So, don’t wait for the right time or people to take your content marketing forward. Start with social media today!

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