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Social Media Devices Feb 09

Recently bitly did a study on how people use various devices to connect to different social media platforms. A graph showing the rate of usage of a particular gadget plotted against twenty four hours gave an idea into the pattern of usage.

Every gadget that we use serves a different purpose. Our usage of computers or laptops is different from the use of mobile or the gaming console. Bitly analyzed their data for the whole year in 2011 to understand how people use various hardware devices, and how that is correlated to the consumption of information. Web browsers, tablets, smartphones and gaming devices were analyzed.

Bitly performed desktop computers are heavily in use on weekdays during day time (primarily before noon). Phone traffic also follows the same pattern. It was reported by bitly that tablets were mostly in use in the evenings (Tuesday 5PM to be specific) while use of gaming devices peaked on Thursday 5PM.

They also researched which platforms have similar patterns of usage across devices. The study showed that:

1.Windows and Linux users have similar usage pattern.

2.Mac OS is used more as a mobile device than Windows or Linux on desktop.

3.Kindle usage peaks in the evenings. Its use is markedly different from all other devices.

This study points us towards the fact which we often tend to ignore. The device must be taken into consideration while creating content. The content creator should be able to envision the way his reader will read the content. So, creating unique content is not enough, it should be suited to the medium in which it is viewed.

Which devices do you use to connect to social media platforms?

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