Social Media and Manufacturing Industry | SocialExcerpts

Social Media and Manufacturing Industry | SocialExcerpts

Social Media and Manufacturing Industry Dec 22

They say that Social Media works best for B2C companies. It that were true, it would be impossible to integrate it into the marketing strategy of a manufacturing company, which largely targets other manufacturing companies. Well, here Social Media for B2B model comes into play.

Different companies have distinct objectives, when they employ web 2.0 technologies. Some want brand awareness while some want increased sales. But when it comes to manufacturing company, the business owner would solely want better understanding with other manufacturing companies and awareness of their products and services.

SM strategy for B2B has to different to that of B2C. A survey has shown that almost 81% of B2B companies are on social media, but manufacturing sector is lagging behind. Even among the companies  on the social platforms, many are not using the medium to optimum.

Taking the first step on social media is the most difficult part. Here are some basic mantras to lend you a helping hand:

Prioritize: Before starting with social media, you should have your priorities set. Spamming all networks with content is not healthy. You must select the network that can earn you maximum output, and target users there. A good social media strategy is prerequisite before creating accounts on all social networking sites.

Listen: Social Media is a listening tool, through which you can monitor ‘who are saying what’ about your brand. Listen to all comments, conversations, and criticisms carefully. Apart from your products, try to learn industry news and ongoing and upcoming events. This will help you grow as a brand.

Engage: As a brand, you need to engage your consumers. And the best way to engage them is with negative comments. Yes, you should concentrate on the negative buzz in order to turn them into positive ones and to maintain your transparency. People want real people to communicate with. In stead of a brand, you should also communicate with your social consumers as the employee or an official.

Dedicate resources: Social Media may have been popularized by some college, students, but it has become a prominent business tool. A wrong step can ruin your entire social footprint forever. For this reason, you need to prioritize resources, time, and fund for Social Media campaigns.

Tools: Be flexible to choose the tools. Try to figure out your target audience and on which social networking platform they spend their good amount of time. If they are more frequent on Twitter and YouTube and not Facebook, you should concentrate more on the first two. There are free SM monitoring tool and analytics tools at your end.

You have all the tools, proper talents, and a full-proof strategy. You are now ready to jump into the sea of Social Media.

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