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Social Login Feb 10

According to a research by Gigya, people who login to websites via Facebook Connect spend almost 50% more time on those sites and browse more pages. This finding is a valuable insight for businesses that want stickiness in their sites and want people to come back to their website more often.

Facebook Connect alone accounts for 63% of social logins. Websites should focus on multiple social login options like Yahoo (15%), Google (12%), Twitter (10%), and LinkedIn (2%) to reach out to even more users.

CEO of Gigya, Patrick Slayer, opines that people use different social logins depending on which persona they want to be. People who wish to share the details with their professional colleagues may login using LinkedIn while those who want to share the same information with friends may use Facebook.

“In essence, social login is acting as a gateway for user engagement with plug-ins like Comments, Sharing, Game Mechanics and Activity Feed,” Slayer wrote on the company blog, “For example, on the Pepsi SoundOff site (a Gigya client), the first step to interacting with the site and with other users is to log in socially. When that connection is made, users can instantly participate in all of the site’s social activities like commenting, sharing and earning points/rewards.”

Which social login do you use to browse websites?

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