SMACK Report #38: Business with YouTube.. ‘stream’line your resources | SocialExcerpts

SMACK Report #38: Business with YouTube.. ‘stream’line your resources | SocialExcerpts

SMACK Report #38: Business with YouTube.. ‘stream’line your resources Oct 27

What did we bring to your table this week? Its YouTube. Yes, the immense success of YouTube in helping spreading messages all over the world, it would only be unfair if we didn’t discuss it. So team SMACK made it a point to discuss it this week.

Let us begin with a brief history of YouTube. It started in February 2005, when three the-then PayPal employees activated an internet domain called The rest, as you know is history. Taken over by Google in 2006, YouTube works as a free entity within Google, a company within a corporation.

Sam and Sanjib, both listed the ways any small business can use YouTube for its benefit. First, let us deal with the very basic question, why! The recent stats of YouTube are amazing, with over 800 million unique users, 4 billion hours of watch time. Won’t you want to be a part of this parade? There is also a minor thing you need to keep in mind. There is almost 72 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Make sure you don’t get washed away. The ways to do it are:

  1. Creating very compelling videos: Need we mention the success of Gangnam Style, which recently entered the World Guinness Records for most viewed on YouTube? Yes, It can make you world record holder. The idea is to cater to your audience. If your video is to the point, it will be able to reach greater number of people.
  1. Make the video easy to find: By the we mean, the video should be shared outside YouTube as well. Make sure Google search yields the right results.
  2. Brand your YouTube channel: You have a company video, have an official YouTube channel with the same name. It is important to create a brand impression. For better result, create a custom background, may be with your brand logo.
  3. Label and write description of the video that you are posting. It helps the viewers to get precise information about the video that you are posting, its use, etc.
  4. Share the YouTube link on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc. You can also send it to your friends via email. You will also have subscribers for your YouTube channel. Make sure that they get alerted sooner.
  5. YouTubes ads are a great way to promote your video. But over-doing it may fetch just the reverse result.
  6. Review the YouTube Insights for more, umm, insights. Review each information that you see over there. It will show you who are your audience, who are you reaching and who you can target.

To conclude, contents that resonated with your audience, building up a branded channel and using ads and bulletins, you can greatly increase the return on your investment in creating online videos. However, this is just the beginning of your online presence.

Recently, London Fashion week’s Topshop Unique SS13 was featured online on September 16, 2012. More than 2 million people across 100 countries tuned in to watch the online video stream of Topshop’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Over the years, YouTube has evolved to the provide a platform where people can buy and sell products online and during a live event. Think about it!

 We thank Shilpa and Sam for their very valuable time and input.


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