SMACK Report #36: So Mo Lo | SocialExcerpts

SMACK Report #36: So Mo Lo | SocialExcerpts

SMACK Report #36: So Mo Lo Oct 15

Thanks to the internet, the rise of digital marketing is organically playing out like a 3-act play. We had to bring to you the Social (So), Local (Lo) and Mobile (Mo) model of business. Naturally, we discussed it over a cup of coffee on the 36th edition of SMACK meetup.

Sanjib pointed out that, since the massive consumer adaptation of smart phones in the recent time, companies have to re-examine their digital marketing efforts through a mobile lens. Social media is increasingly affecting the purchasing decisions of the social-media browsing, smart-phone wielding consumers.

Naturally, social media is only getting more consumer oriented with time, and businesses have started seeing the commercial benefits of using the media for more than just brand awareness and reputation management.

A few facts and figures for you that underscores this reality:

The Money:

The easiest way to follow a trend is to follow the money. In this case keep an eye on the advertisement money (where it is spent) and you will believe our story.

Getting Smart:

As smartphone users’ adoption continues to grow nationwide, nearly three-quarters of smartphone owners are accessing their mobile devices to get location-based information in real time. More importantly, the smart phone users are not just the Gen Y hipsters. According to a study, 50% of the smart phone users are over 35 years of age.

What’s the Offer?

Both Google and Facebook responded in kind to this trend towards mobile-based marketing.

On May 3rd, 2012, Facebook rolled out its new local marketing platform, Facebook Offers, which was later rolled out to the rest of the world. What happens with ‘Offers’ is, businesses can distribute coupons or other promotions to fans directly through their news-feed. Facebook is not charging anything for the service, and when a Facebook user claims an Offer, his or her friends will see it in their news-feed, further amplifying its reach.

Google responded in less than a week. On 9th May, 2012, Google announced its latest update for Google Maps for Android that supports Google’s Groupon-like daily deal platform, Google Offers. With the new updates, local merchants can attract customers to their storefront with free giveaways or coupons that Android users can see pop-up in real time on Google Maps.

Social – Mobile – Local

For businesses, it is time to “Get Social, Think Mobile and Spend Local”.

Social media is the new marketing standard. ‘About time you get social; your customers already are. They are using mobile devices to access social sites, including e-commerce sites and also your website. So, better get mobile. They are roaming on the street, relaxing on their bed, clutching their smartphones and tablets, looking to see, test, or buy something. Make sure you are ready. Make sure you are their first.

We thank Shilpa and Sam for their inputs.


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