SMACK Report #31: Tweetchat ~ Making a difference |

SMACK Report #31: Tweetchat ~ Making a difference |

The small wonder with a 140 word burst is called a Tweet and is the soul of Twitter. By now Twitter has proven to be the best marketing platform for small business or enterprise. Let us socially refresh you by providing a little information on Tweetchat. It is a public Twitter conversation around an unique hashtag (#). This hashtag allows a tweep to follow a discussion and to participate in it. These tweet chats usually take place at a regular interval. Date and time are tweeted by the host well in advance.

Hosting a Tweetchat is a great way to interact with your followers and fans, to understand and grow your populace quickly, as well as, to promote your ideas and brand.

Hosting a tweet chat is an effective way to:

  1. Promote your social presence: Though tweetchat evolves around one hashtag, it is still public. Which mean you can reach a million tweeps provided you generate enough curiosity.
  2. Feedback: When and if you have a question about any product or service, you are just one tweet away from getting an answer. It’s instant and trust worthy at the same time.
  3. Create brand loyalists:  A tweetchat is one of the most engaging social media activity one can get used to. Your followers tune in bi-weekly or weekly to interact with each other and follow each other, to agree or disagree with each other. That’s the best way to create your very own brand loyalists who advocates for your brand.

However, before you hosting your own tweetchat, be a part of a few. It’s smart to learn the Twitter etiquettes.

Here are two sources where you can find the relevant chat topics.

  1. Twebevent is a great way of tracking upcoming chats. You can either search for the chats or go from room to room  and select the topic that interests you.
  2. This Google Spreadsheet is a user-generated database that keeps track of the tweetchats from all over the world (more or less). To find relevant chats, simply use CTRL+F (shortcut) and type in the name.
  3. Few of the popular tweet chats are #blogchat (Mack Collier), #getrealchat (Pam Moore), #mediachat (Aaron Kilby), #swchat (David Christopher), #atomicchat (Lindsay Fultz) and many more..

Tweet Away!

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