SMACK Report #17: Is your content taking you places? | SocialExcerpts

SMACK Report #17: Is your content taking you places? | SocialExcerpts

The members of the Social Media Activity Club of Kolkata (Sanjib, Shubhra, Shilpa, Mansi, Susmit, and Rabimba) gathered at Café Coffee Day, Park Street, Kolkata, to participate in an interesting discussion.
This week, the topic of the discussion was –

“Content sourcing, publishing and marketing for your company and clients – how to sustain and grow”.

At the beginning of the discussion, Sanjib said, that in order to cater to the growing needs of the web community, the content is also evolving. The algorithm of Google has changed drastically. Previously, Google only took into consideration the meta tags section when someone searched with a particular keyword. If that keyword was present in the meta tags, Google used to index the page in the SERP accordingly. Later on, Google web crawler or Googlebot searched whether the keyword was present in the content body. With the introduction of Google Panda updates and many other changes in Google algorithm, content relevancy became the rule of thumb. You have to write good and relevant content on a regular basis in order to fetch constant traffic to your site.
Shilpa chipped in with the viewpoint that only adding content to your site will not increase its visibility; rather, the uniqueness of the content is essential to prove its forte. Engaging the audience is of primary importance and you need to add videos, maps, and pictures to your content to keep visitors attached to it. She cited the example of the Google World Wonders Project in this regard which is going to change the future of content. Mansi opined that quality content generation depended a lot on the understanding of the business or the product that is going to be launched and the audience or user it is going to cater to. Identifying target audience and setting goals are also imperative. The trust factor between the business and social media advertising agency is also there.

Now, with the introduction of Google Knowledge Graph, the advent of intelligent search is not a distant dream any more. The search results will now come up with a range of suggestions to help you decide what the actual thing you are looking for, is. Sanjib iterated that you need to position your content as per your target audience.

The next meetup will focus on the various new features that Facebook has incorporated.


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