SEO & SMM – A match made in heaven! |

SEO & SMM – A match made in heaven! |

It is not even a far-flung past that SEO used to play the protagonist in digital marketing. However with time, the scene is quite different now. The focus has shifted from SEO to SMM.

While link building was the main factor in SEO, with SMM, it is no longer a game-changer. Blame it on Google! According to Google’s latest algorithmic changes, no matter how many links you build for your website, if they fail to drive traffic to your website, they are useless. The search engine giant now measures the creditability of your business with a new index, namely social media.

This transition has left many business owners wondering about the effectiveness of search engine optimization and necessity of social media.. Everyone knows it for a fact that they must take account of both into their digital marketing strategy but do not know how to pass the SEO juices through social media.

Let’s see how SEO can be merged with social media effectively:

Concentrate on your social presence: In order to secure a position on social media, every business needs to increase its value-added social footprints. Social media gives ample opportunity to grow one’s online presence quickly. But don’t take shortcut to get quick and easy followers. You just need to be dynamic and approachable to your fans and off you go! Remember, having 10 engaging fans is more beneficial than 100 inactive ones.

Encourage link building, socially: Have you heard of social link building? Whenever your posts and updates get shared, organic links are built. Social media offers natural link building, as people share on the space when they want to. So, you need to be interactive and engaging with your audience. Posting good content will not do. You need to create great content with intriguing headlines. You will see how social link building works for your digital presence.

Drive genuine traffic: Have you ever thought why the traditional link building does not work now? They do not drive traffic to your website, as they are placed at the web pages that nobody would find or would be interested to share. Google realized it first and de-valued all such practices. Social links do not only have the genuine potential to add real SEO juices to your campaigns, but also ensures each link drives potential customers to your website.

Social signals are used by Google these days to measure how popular your website or blog is on the web. Do you want to know what these indexes are?

  • How often you update your social profiles
  • How often your fans visit your website/blog via your social media profiles
  • How many people are actually engaged with you
  • How many people you have in your social community
  • How engaging are your posts on social media
  • How you link your social media channels with your website/blog

To sum up the story, it is evident from Google’s latest updates that it hates artificial link building and loves social signals. Now it’s time for you to create a full-proof social media strategy for your business. The mantra for success is uncomplicated. Go social, go higher!

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