Online Reputation Management – What do you need to track? |

Online Reputation Management – What do you need to track? |

What is the importance of online reputation management? Is your presence enough on social media? Is customer satisfaction the way to improve your ratings on social networking platforms? Can online reputation really impact your business, both in the short and long term?

With changing times, social networking has become inevitable. Being present on the social media is important, but tracking your online reputation is of more importance. It is impossible to satisfy each and every customer, and online results will not always give favorable results even if you are very good at public relations. The presence of your business on social media is an extension of your branding.

There is a misconception about online presence that one needs to protect his business from negative comments and critical reviews. The myntra of a successful business venture is ‘Every action need not require an equal and opposite reaction’. Therefore, it is important to guage the impact of the harmful comments about your business and eradicate it.

The best way to assess is to go past the first page to check the search results. Always search for keywords which represent your business on the front end. It could be related to your key employees, management personnel, product, service, company name amidst others. This way you can keep a track of variety of feedback about your business and its stakeholders. Always maintain a record on a spreadsheet to trace the change over a period of time.

On the other hand, if you do not find anything substantial about your business in the first few pages then it indicates that you need to pep up your activity online and start taking efforts to build a decent online reputation. Some of the effective and famous tools to measure online reputation are:

Google Alerts: It is a decent resource for anyone who has just started to keep track of their presence on world wide web. Google Alerts provide a simple and easy to use platform, where all you need to do is enter the keyword on which you want notifications and you will receive email alerts in your inbox matching the same.

Google Search: Simple way to gauge the impression of virtual world of your business is by searching for useful keywords related to your business on Google search platform and analyzing the results.

Social Mention: It delivers optimal results restricted to only social networking platforms, quite effective for small business ventures.

So get started, and boost your brand by using different techniques to enhance positive feedback from your customers online. While your core competency is to manage your business, you can always opt for a professional who can keep an eye on your online reputation.

Your reputation takes times to build, both in the virtual as well as real world, and once it takes control of your segment, then the rewards start flowing in the form of customer enquiries and conversions. Remember the saying, ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

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