NASSCOM EMERGE Kolkata 2012 | SocialExcerpts

NASSCOM EMERGE Kolkata 2012 | SocialExcerpts

NASSCOM EMERGE Kolkata 2012 Dec 26

NASSCOM is the industry association for the IT-BPO sector in India. It is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the industry with an objective to build a growth led and sustainable technology and business services sector in the country. NASSCOM’s mission is to utilize the pool of talent in this sector and galvanize inclusive and balanced growth. “Transform Business, Transform India” is the overall objective of NASSCOM and its members.

The Kolkata chapter of NASSCOM EMERGE Forum is going to organize NASSCOM EMERGE Kolkata 2012 on January 12, 2012 at Hotel Hyatt. It is deemed as the best platform for Small Medium IT companies to learn from eminent speakers about sustainability of business. The focal point of the event will be “Sustainability of Business with focus on customers, employees and competitors”. Bringing together the leaders who have made Bengal proud on the global podium, the conference will give a comprehensive overview of challenges faced by IT SMEs and start-up companies on the four main areas: Sales & Marketing, HR, Operational Efficiency and Finance.

The spotlight of NASSCOM EMERGE Kolkata 2012 will be particularly on

  • Finding and Keeping the right talent
  • Understanding the customer’s need
  • Knowing the opportunities in different international markets
  • Sustaining business with cutting edge technology
  • Generating revenue in a world of free
  • First minder advantages

Over the next couple of years the total IT addressable market (NASSCOM-McKinsey Report- Prospective 2020) from new geographies – BRIC region (Brazil, Russia, India, China) will be around USD 380-420 billion (For India – USD 90-100 billion). India will witness IT Innovations through all verticals. The biggest challenge will be sustainability for most of the IT SMEs.

Social Media has become indispensible for SMEs. Over the last few years, social media has been emerging as a strong medium for customer engagement as well as marketing for businesses and the growth has been phenomenal in 2011. Sustainability of IT SMEs will matter a lot on how they are able to tap into the huge resources online on various social networks. A good strategy can lead them to a gold mine while those sitting on the fence or still following the archaic one way route of communicating with customers, will bite the dust. This conclave assumes a significant role for future of social media in India too.

“This year’s conference is particularly important”, said Mr. Suparno Moitra, Regional Head, NASSCOM East. He further emphasized that this event is organized, “because we wanted to have a platform where the small and medium enterprises of this sector will come and interact with each other to understand the problems which they encounter on a daily basis and to find a solution at the industry level and at the firm level. People have worked throughout the year to come up with solutions and we would like to discuss that on 12th of January”.

NASSCOM’s presence on the social media platforms has always been encouraging. They have managed to create a buzz every time and NASSCOM EMERGE Kolkata 2012 is no different. Information has been spreading through the wires on walls and timelines in volumes. The Facebook page of the event has become a hub of activity with bustling traffic. The twitter platform has been effectively used to reach out to maximum number of users possible. Blogs, Youtube and social networking sites have already pumped up the excitement in anticipation of NASSCOM EMERGE Kolkata 2012.
This event is certainly different from other IT events taking place in and around Kolkata. “The best part of the event is all the young entrepreneurs who have done it in the past will be speaking in the conference. So the SMEs and Start-ups can connect with them very well. The content of the event is very realistic. For example the HR is a critical problem which most of the companies are facing. In this event we will talk about how to source talent and retain them in a non-monetary way”, defined Aninda Das, NASSCOM.

There will be a workshop session aimed for the IT entrepreneurs and IT business professionals by Mukund Mohan, CEO, Jivity on 11th January, 2012. NASSCOM EMERGE Kolkata 2012 will honor ten Emerging IT companies through EMERGE East Showcase 2012. This award will recognize achievements of the ten companies who have redefined their skills par excellence for the next generation of SMEs.

January 2012 promises  an eventful year ahead for the IT sector, as well as social media enthusiasts, in the City of Joy. We will be there at NASSCOM EMERGE.

Are you coming?

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