Myths about Online Engagement |

Myths about Online Engagement |

Marketing is often mistaken with selling and promotion. This is a just a myth. Similarly engagement is often confused with Likes, Shares, Comments and follows. This is again a myth. The concept of engagement is directly associated with your online community, with whom you are sharing your content.

Here are three myths about online engagement:

Online engagement is all about numbers: As mentioned above, the total number of fans and followers you have on the space may not always signify your engagement ratio. Neither do the Likes and Follows.

Instead of counting on likes and follows, you need to focus on building a relationship with your online community. The stronger it grows, the better your engagement. You should be targeting people, who would be interested in your brand, and not just any random people to increase the number. Get realistic.

Engagement leads to sale: Many marketers are heard to say that they could widen the sales funnel by enhancing the online engagement. This is again a myth. Social media or any other online marketing channel does not promise sales.

Marketers make a direct connection between online engagement and sales. The simple reason being, the more people would know about the brand, the more the services and products would be promoted. This is a wrong approach. Marketers should use brand engagement as a pillar for their brand awareness and brand recall.

Online engagement is for letting people know about the brand: True, your online presence is all about getting people aware of your existence. But there are other factors involved too. For example, content and content distribution plays a vital role in the process.

Online media has opened a wide angle for the businesses to talk with their existing and future customers. There is no doubt in that. But they need information and at the same time entertainment on the space. If you fail to provide those, you would fail in your online marketing. However, this is a continuous process. You cannot just stop it because it is not showing you the desired results.

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