Mozilla launches Firefox with MSN edition | SocialExcerpts

Mozilla launches Firefox with MSN edition | SocialExcerpts

Mozilla paired with Facebook to bring to you a very unusual user experience about two days ago. Today Mozilla launched a special customized edition of Firefox for all the MSN portal fans.

Firefox with MSN comes with as default homepage and automatically opens msnNOW and AwesomeBar. msnNow is the memetracker-like version of MSN, as a Firefox app tab. This edition offers a MSN theme and uses Bing as the default search engine instead of Google, which has been standard in regular Firefox releases. It also provides quick access links to popular MSN channels so users can easily get real time updates for news, entertainment, sports and the things that matters to the users the most.

While this may seem rather unusual, the fact is Mozilla actually provides about 20 different custom editions that are being distributed by a wide range of partners, including Twitter, Yandex, Yahoo! and AOL. Over a year ago, Mozilla partnered with Microsoft for a custom edition of Bing, Microsoft’s search engine and Bing became a built-in search engine option in Firefox 4 just about a couple of years ago.

It is difficult to comment as to who uses all these custom editions, for we haven’t seen anyone using these, but somewhere there must be a market for these.

What do you think about msn-Firefox combo? Let us know.


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