Is social media working for your business? |

Is social media working for your business? |

As industry experts say, social media is a must for every business. It is one of the easier ways to generate leads, connect with your target audience, make them aware of your services or products, create a brand out of a business and sometimes keep an eye on your competitors. However, this is not the story always. Many business owners often complain that social media is not doing any wonder for their brand. Are you one of them? Have you ever thought why it is not working the same way it does for others? May be the reason is one of these:

Quality vs. Quantity

In a battle between quality and quantity, often the latter wins! Look at your company’s social media profiles on different channels. How many of your fans can be considered as potential leads or how many of them have the ability to influence your sales figure? If it’s more than 70%, you are doing it right. However, if not, then you must have focused too much only on gathering ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers’. It is not strange that you are not getting any leads or queries from social media! Blaming the platform would be unfair, isn’t it?

Content is still the King!

Check your social media content. Do you always post links? Does your content have rich and high-quality images and graphics? Is your content too lengthy? Does it help in the brand enrichment? And above all, do you have a content marketing strategy at all? For successful social media marketing, a full-proof content marketing strategy plays the most significant role. Select the right keywords that are relevant to your business and at the same time, which would also resonate with your potential leads. You can create an online content calendar to ensure the consistency and keyword insertion in the posts.

Not every channel is required!

No matter if and how others are reaping profits from every single social media platform, you should not jump on it too, just for the heck of it! Every channel may not suit your business or your product/service. What is more important is identifying where your target audiences are. For an instance, if you have an educational portal, your target audience would be students and institutions, who are rarely active on LinkedIn. Including every channel in your marketing plan would be useless and only add up to your hazards.

Time is money!

Yes, literally! When it comes to social media marketing, posting the right content at the right time is the key to success. Do not post in accordance with your convenience. Remember, reaching the target audience is your goal. For example, if your target audience is the SMEs in the United States, you need to figure out the particular time slot, when the decision makers come online and interact, else your updates would remain unnoticed, let alone lead generation. However, there is a catch, a small one! When you post updates at the same time every day, you can expect to catch the same audience, but if you change timings you may reach a varied audience. Schedule smartly!

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