Is Google Plus really dead? | SocialExcerpts

Is Google Plus really dead? | SocialExcerpts

Is Google Plus really dead? Nov 24

Google Plus is dead! Two days ago, the news was doing the rounds on almost all the major social networking sites, including its biggest rival, Facebook. While everyone was anticipating Google+’s sudden demise in the process of emerging out as Facebook Killer, Google reportedly denied the news of its network disintegration. The search engine giant, on the contrary, stated that Google Plus’s network has just started to grow.

Google launched its much-anticipated social networking site, Google Plus in the month of June 2011. Within 16 days of its introduction, it gained 10 million users and after 100 days, there were 40 million users. This is the fastest growth that any social networking site has ever witnessed. Its nearest rivals Facebook and Twitter took almost two years to get 10 million active users.

And now internet pundits declared that Google Plus network has passed away.

Forbes reported “A Eulogy for Google Plus” while Slate declared, “Google+ is Dead”. All of them cited enough reasons to prove the demise of G+. Chitika, the web analytics company, has revealed that public excitement for the launch of G+ has waned down to 60% in October from 1200% during its pre-launch days. Moreover, Google has stopped publishing the user-related data from the month of September.

On the other hand, Facebook’s community seems ever growing. Now it has more 800 million active users, which is way more than G+. The features, which Google+ promised to launch soon after its launch, remain still under cover, unlike Facebook, which keeps unveiling similar features one by one. While Google+ is struggling hard to build its network, Facebook is standing in a much stronger position to introduce newer features every month. This is the biggest challenge that Google faces in order to compete with Facebook.

No one has any doubt about Google’s potential to bounce back, nor is anyone underestimating the search engine leader. But there is something that is holding back Google, somehow. What do you think?

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