Is 3D TV the next BIG thing? | SocialExcerpts

Is 3D TV the next BIG thing? | SocialExcerpts

Is 3D TV the next BIG thing? Jan 04

New advancements in TV technology are coming in. Last year, it was 3D and this year, it’s HDTV. With newer and fancier technologies, it’s now proven that the concept of traditional television is gradually waning. If you are thinking, 3D and HDTV both are in, you are wrong. According to a recent study by, 3D television technology has started to lose its fort in the battle with HDTV technology.

The study, conducted on more than 1000 people with diverse background and lifestyle, clearly shows that 55% of the fraction said that they were not willing to buy a 3D TV in the coming year. Only 22% of the people voted for 3D TV while 23% said that they would prefer buying it, if the price was close. When they were asked about HDTV, 33% said that they would buy an HDTV in the coming year while 67% of them said ‘no’ to HDTV.

We all know that 3D technology in movies is at its zenith, currently. But the fact also compels us to think why 3D TV is failing to catch up the same fire among tele-viewers. Industry experts are of opinion that the size of the television screen is a prime reason behind it, movie screens are way more large than TV screen. For some viewers, 3D glasses also create a hindrance. Other factors waning away users  include necessity of expensive peripherals, lacking in proper 3D programming, and choice of 3D technology.

There are two types of 3D technology: Active and Passive. The debate which technology is better often creates a confusion, which prompt many buyers to drop the idea of buying a 3D home theatre altogether.

Passive: The 3D technologies are in-built. You don’t need battery powered glasses.

Active: You would require special glasses that shut off the 3D images between two lenses speedily.

Whether its 3D or HDTV, one thing is evident that the new technologies are definitely affecting conventional TV experience. Do you agree?

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