Interview: Solveig Romero |

Interview: Solveig Romero |

We promised we’ll bring to you a series of ‘celebrity interviews’, a casual chit-chat with socialmedia celebs who are effectively using different social networking channels. We have already brought to you the interviews of Ruhani Rabin and Sarah Jayne Gratton. Today we bring you another interesting interview, that of a songwriter, singer and actor – the pretty Solveig Romero. Enjoy!SocialExcerpts: A lot of people don’t know this, so let’s start by asking – how was your experience working in ‘Casino Royale’?
Solveig Romero: LoL, well it was fun of course, but mostly I loved to be in the set. It’s always soo much going on, all the time. Martin the Director, is amazing at what he does, and I think I loved all the stunts, during the whole film. Specially the car stunts. SocialExcerpts: Have you seen any Bollywood movie? Which is your favorite, if yes? Solveig Romero: Yes I have, I love them, I love the music the dance and everything. My fav would be, Jodhaa Akbar. SocialExcerpts: Who’s your best actor in Hollywood? Which female actor inspires you the most?Solveig Romero: I think for me, either Russel Crow, or Joaquin Phenix. And women I love – Emma Thompson, and Anne Hathaway.SocialExcerpts: Model, singer, songwriter, actress and producer. How do you manage to do all that? Solveig Romero: With a lot of patience No, My manager is SUPER organized and she helps me A LOT! SocialExcerpts: Take us through a typical day in Sol Romero’s life. Solveig Romero: Lol, OMG, Ok, well, if it’s a heavy day, I wake up early like 6 and first I take a shower, then breakfast, and then its either – ‘get in the car’, and be on the set for make up and hair, for example this weekend, for my music video, and then start shooting from 8 more or less, till I don’t know, maybe till 11pm. And if its recording from 10 am till 4pm, and then I go home and take a shower and check my internet my Twitter and Facebook, and emails, talk to fans, and of course I have my family life, which is the most important for me. I find time for my singing teachers, yeah and then sleep.
If it’s a lazy day then just normal, from 8am till 6pm, and its getting together with my manager and planning our next strategy. I work out, with my personal trainer, I write the lyrics for my songs. Maybe in the night some events or dinner. And yet again, of course my family.SocialExcerpts: With a follower base more than 19,000, how do you handle it?
Solveig Romero: Hmm, well, I still see myself very normal I don’t know, I try not to think about it, and just be happy for what I have. And always keep dreaming.. And I love to correspond with my fans.

SocialExcerpts: Tell us about the experience of your first video album. Please mention the Youtube link as well, if it’s there.
Solveig Romero: Well, It was actually funny, cause I didn’t think much, I actually did it cause I wanted to make something I really liked and enjoyed and it just kind of developed from there. It was def COLD!! When we shot it! And I was so scared of the Horse, cause he was very wild, and did not want to obey but in the end it all worked out well. I really enjoyed it.
It was a very special and beautiful Mexican Ranch, where we shot it. Maybe you know, I am half Mexican and half swiss. So now the next video is shot in Switzerland. Here’s the link: (Youtube – BiPolar Love)

SocialExcerpts: Any particular project/album you’re currently working on?

Solveig Romero: Yes a couple!! Finish editing my new music video, and do 2 more, I am going to make a short movie, and continue working on finishing my first album, ‘Darck Fantazy’.

SocialExcerpts: Do you/an agency, manage/s your social media presence ?

Solveig Romero: Yes I have a Manager…

SocialExcerpts: What tip would you give to any aspiring actor/singer?
Solveig Romero: Always follow your dreams. Sometimes it looks soo dark, and looks like its never ever going to happene but why not? Who can stop you from dreaming, and fighting for a chance?

Next interview in line, is the dashing Pakistani journalist and TV anchor Maria Memon. Maria also runs a show called ‘Meray Mutabiq’.
Watch this space.

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