Interview: Sarah-Jayne Gratton |

Interview: Sarah-Jayne Gratton |

We promised we’ll bring to you a series of ‘celebrity interviews’, a casual chit-chat with socialmedia celebs who are effectively using different social networking channels. As promised, we flagged off with the interview of Syed M. Ruhani Rabin.
Today we bring you, another interesting interview, that of Sarah-Jayne Gratton, more popularly known as: @ grattongirl . She is a social media persona and one of ‘Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women’. Enjoy.
SocialExcerpts: Tell us something about your childhood. What was your initial dream/ambition?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: I grew up in the beautiful University town of Cambridge, England; an only child, but never lonely. Music and theatre filled my dreams. I remember watching the Hollywood musicals over and over with my father, a passion that led me to my early stage career.

SocialExcerpts: Writer, producer, actor and wife. How do you manage all that together?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: I no longer work as a professional actress, but my personal branding TV segments keep me in the public eye. This, combined with my writing and planning of my forthcoming Social Media Superstar Channel mean that I have little time to spare, although working from home alongside hubby makes being a wife, a great deal easier

SocialExcerpts: What was your first professional achievement? Which one do you consider your greatest?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: Performing for the BBC on the Future Stars program during my early teens was amazing achievement for me and a great honour. It was the early equivalent of shows like the x-Factor and American Idol and was a huge deal for me, as it led to so many other opportunities.

SocialExcerpts: Tell us something about your book ‘Zero to 100,000’. Why do you recommend this book?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: Zero to 100,000 is unlike any other book on social media out there! You can literally pick it up and start benefiting from it straight away, even if you’ve never used social media before. It’s written in a way that’s entertaining as well as educational and the reviews for it have been absolutely incredible. It was a true pleasure to write and I hope that it helps others to find long-term success in social media across all platforms.

SocialExcerpts: How do you plan to use social media to promote your books?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: Social media is an amazing way to promote a product or brand. Zero to 100,000 has become a pre-launch best-seller based on ‘word of mouse’ as well as ‘word of mouth!’ In fact if you look up the hashtag #zeroto100000 you’ll see just how many people are already tweeting about it. The book also has its own Facebook page where fans can order it at a special discount. In short, Zero to 100,000 is buzzing around all of the social media platforms.

SocialExcerpts: Of the popular trio in the social networking sphere, among Twitter, Facebook and Google+, who do you side with, and

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: I think that all have their place in the sphere and each have their individual strengths that can be used to maximize your brand message. It’s a question of knowing just how to grasp and use their power to the max, which is where the book comes in!

SocialExcerpts: What does ‘FB fans’ and ‘Twitter followers’ mean to you? Which one do you rate more effective for social media promotions?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: The incredible support of my followers and fans means everything to me. I have no preference in terms of platform effectiveness. If you use social media correctly, and are someone that people enjoy engaging with, then you will be found!

SocialExcerpts: Any particularly interesting project that you’re currently working on??

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: I’m starting work on an exciting new book project but it’s all hush-hush right now I’m afraid, so we’ll have to leave that for another time!

SocialExcerpts: What next from here? How do you see life after 5 years?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: I try to live in the present rather than adhere to any kind of stringent future plan. Whilst I do have personal goals, I try not to pigeonhole myself into a future slot and keep myself open to opportunities. I believe this to be the best way to travel along life’s road. Who knows where it will lead me to next, and what adventures I will have getting there!

SocialExcerpts: Any advice to budding social media enthusiasts looking to have a career in social media?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: My advice would be to stay true to yourself – follow those that interest you, make it a rule to learn and share something new everyday, stay open to new possibilities within the social media sphere and oh, buy my book!

Next interview in line, is the swiss-mexican actor-singer Solveig Romero. The pretty lady is more talented than you can imagine and an exciting interview with her is coming up soon. Meanwhile, find her on Twitter – here: @solsromero ! Watch this space.

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