How YouTube can help you get more traffic! |

How YouTube can help you get more traffic! |

Many social media managers make a mistake of not including YouTube in their marketing plan. Many marketers are there, who don’t consider the importance of this video sharing site at all. However, the fact remains that YouTube has the same social features of liking, sharing and commenting, as any other social network. And when we talk about the second largest search engine in the world, that’s been acquired by the largest one (Google), it’s but obvious that ranking your videos on the channel would surely make a difference on the overall search results in Google.

2 reasons why you should include YouTube:

Many companies add videos on their website instead of YouTube. Actually, this is one big mistake they commit that can affect their gross traffic. If put on the website, it limits the reach of the videos to only those, who visit the website by practice or by chance. Instead, if you host the video on YouTube, chances are that more people will notice it from YouTube as well as from Google search results, thanks to Google’s acquisition of YouTube.

Like any other social network, YouTube also has social features. People can ‘Like’, comment, share and subscribe to your channel. It’s a great interactive platform, where viewers can see your business as a human, talking and exchanging dialogue with them. Apart from that, the channel offers cross-platform connectivity, where the viewers can link your videos to other social networks. This is a great way to increase the organic traffic.

How to make your videos search engine friendly on YouTube:

Making your videos stand out on YouTube is definitely a challenge, as you have only 15 seconds to convince a viewer to see the entire video. You need to work really hard on optimizing them for YouTube’s search engine. Let’s elaborate:

Title: The title of the video equals to the title tag of an article. Try to place the main keyword in the beginning of your title.

Description: Description should not cross the boundary of 150 characters. Describe the essence of the video in one or two sentences. Don’t forget to add relevant keywords in the description. You also can link any external landing page in the last portion of the description.

Tags: Tags are like keywords. Always add tags to the videos to describe the content of the videos in excerpts.

Call to action: Always offer a call to action at the end. Simple ones like “Subscribe for more” or “Share how this helped you” will do. This will surely enhance your creditability on YouTube.

Embed code: Offer an embedded code to encourage more and more social shares. This is an easy way to allow your viewers share the videos by simply copying and pasting the code on the other network.

And that’s pretty much covered!

You don’t need to be a pro in video marketing to get attention on YouTube. You just need to make sure that you added all the SEO features and that the main content should appear within first 10 seconds. And you are good to go!

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