How to Use G+ Communities Effectively |

How to Use G+ Communities Effectively |

Google Plus is an effective social network for businesses and professionals. But not everyone is doing it right. There are many components of Google Plus that are completely ignored or not used to their utmost potential. G+ Communities are one of them. If used properly, these communities can bring maximum traffic to your business. You just need to know how to utilize them.

Select the right communities: There is no reason to think that you would have no communities to join on G+ in your niche. There are all kinds of communities for each and every niche. Join the relevant ones. For example, if you belong to the fashion industry, search with “Fashion” in the search box. You will get hundreds of communities to join.

Read community guidelines: Before starting your activities in the community, make sure you read all the community guidelines. These are available in the right hand side upper corner of a community page. Read them carefully and abide by.

Don’t spam: Google Plus is not Twitter. Once you post a link, it stays for a long time on the front page. So, don’t post one link multiple times. This would spam the community and the community manager might end up banning you from the group. One or two posts a day is enough and good.

Interact and share: Apart from posting your content, you also need to interact with your fellow community members. If you like anyone’s content, don’t hesitate to re-share or +1 it. Also feel free to express your thoughts in comments section. It would give you recognition as an active community member and as an expert in the niche.

Post at the right time: The success of Google Plus community activity largely depends on the time slots, you post your content. At first, you may need to experiment with different times to understand which one works better for you. Otherwise, you can monitor other community members and their time zones and post accordingly.

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