How to register a business on FourSquare |

How to register a business on FourSquare |

Part social media, part check-in service, part smartphone app… FourSquare is fun!

Foursquare is an app used by the end users to get check-ins to the brick and mortar businesses. With its growing popularity among business houses and worldwide internet users, it has now reached 33 million active users. If you are a local business and have a physical address, FourSquare is the right place for you to draw attention from your target audiences and to extend the reach of your Specials and deals. Thousands of local businesses are already there. What keeps you waiting?

Adding your business on FourSquare is easy. Let’s get started!

If you are already a FourSquare user, you need to run a search with your business name. There are two situations that you may go through while signing up on FourSquare as a business.

1. Your business is already created by some other user:

If this is the case, you need to follow the simple steps to claim and gain the control over your business on the platform.

First you need to ‘Claim’ your business. See the right lower corner of the screen.

By clicking on it, you will land up to a new page. You can see the ‘Get Started’ button is disabled. As soon you will check in the authorization box, it will go green. Now click on ‘Get Started’.

A new page will open where you need to give your phone number for verification. Enter your number and click on ‘Call Me Now’.

Within a few moments, FourSquare will give you a call, asking for your name, business name and relationship with the business. After giving the information, just press ‘#’ and complete the rest of the verification formality.

In the final stage of verification, you will see two options. The first option will give you instant access to the final verification code and thus needs some money.

After you get the final verification, you can gain the access of your business on FourSquare and announce Specials, track your check-ins and watch your business grow.

2. You need to create a fresh business venue:

In case your business is not listed, follow the steps and add a venue.

To sign up as a business account Go to

Click on ‘Learn More’ and then ‘Get Started Today’

Enter your business name and location

If you see something like the image below, click on ‘here’ and provide detailed information and physical address of your business. Click ‘Save’.

Your business page URL on FourSquare will look like:

Easy! Isn’t it?

As FourSquare has more than 33 million global users, it has become a must-have platform to register and verify your business. Once you have your business venue registered on the platform, you can announce deals and promotions, keep a track of your check-ins, offer incentives to get more and more customers lining up at your store. If you haven’t added your venue or claimed your business yet on the site, you are losing business to your competitors. Think again!

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