How to choose the best social networks for your business |

How to choose the best social networks for your business |

Is social media marketing tough? No. But choosing the right social networks is definitely hard-hitting. And it gets all the more difficult because most of the brands do not have any goal in mind and a strategy to achieve it. It is easy for everyone to jump into the social media wagon, since it is free and everybody is doing it. But most of them are not aware of the specific social networking sites that would work best for them. Moreover, every social network serves a different purpose and has different audiences.

In accordance with popularity, most of the businesses start with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, without considering the potential, each channel has for a particular business. True! These three are the most popular social networks for businesses, but the mantra of success lies in choosing the right platform that best fit your business and its goals, especially when you are new in the industry. Given below is a guide to offer you some insights, so that you select the right social networks for your business.


  • Facebook is perfect for the businesses that have a larger audience, as 66% of online adults are there on Facebook, a survey says. No matter if your services cater to collage teens or investment bankers, you can be sure that Facebook marketing would be fruitful to you, provided you are doing it correctly.
  • According to Facebook marketing experts, pages should not post frequently on the channel. Once or twice (in case of larger business pages) a day is enough. So, if you do not have much time to devote (1 hour a day is required), Facebook is the right platform for you.
  • Facebook audience loves images. If you have plenty of images to showcase your products and services, Facebook is the ideal platform for you. However, make sure all the images are of high-quality.


  • The audience of Twitter is young people with an inclination to technology and news. 27% of all Twitter users are aged between 18 and 29. So, if you cater to a younger tech-freak audience, you know where to start from.
  • Unlike Facebook, Twitter requires time, as it is based on a stream of continuous updates. One has to perform multiple actions on the channel, from posting 10 to 12 times a day, responding to others tweets, retweeting etc.
  • If you are looking for engaging with precise followers, Twitter is just the right channel for you. You can do it with the help of hashtags and location-tagging. You can search for tweeps, who are talking about your services and products on Twitter and join the conversation.


  • LinkedIn is a professional network, which is populated with middle-aged and higher-earning demographics. And they are highly engaged audience. It means if you post anything on the network, it can receive a great deal of attention.
  • LinkedIn is ideal for those, who want to be a thought leader. It has a number of avenues to showcase and share your experience and insights about the industry.
  • Like Facebook, LinkedIn too does not need much of your time. You can go there twice or thrice a week to post updates, share your views on any topic, discuss in the groups and and you are LinkedIn ready.

So now you know that you do not have to join in on all three of them to start your social media marketing. Locate your potential customers, sign in the right networks, and save your time, creativity, energy and money!

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