How to Be a Successful Blogger |

How to Be a Successful Blogger |

Blogging is not only important for businesses these days, but it also makes a serious career option for many people, who love to write. No matter what your interest area is, if you love to portray your thoughts in words, you can be a good blogger. Here are some tips for you:

Select a platform: Selecting a blogging platform is the first step. WordPress is the most popular and easiest option here. You just need to install WordPress on your site and that’s it. WordPress is convenient for SEO reasons as well, as it is easy to customize and is very search engine friendly.

Choose a proper theme: After selecting the blogging platform, you need to select a proper theme for your blog. This has to be in sync with your blog niche. There are thousands of free and paid themes for WordPress. Search and install the most suitable one for you. You can also install multiple themes to test the look.

Be sure of social media sharing: Social media plays an important role in the success of your blog. Don’t be lazy to share your posts with your online community. Make sure you have your blog and social media networks integrated properly. Whenever your visitors visit your blog, they can share it right from the platform. This not only helps you increase your social footprints but also enhances your blog’s shareable quotient.

Write consistently: Maintain consistency in writing. For example, if you manage to write 3 blogs a week, maintain that. 2 blogs a week and none in the next week will create a bad impression on your audience’s mind. Moreover, they would think that your efforts are not sincere enough.

Use Article rich pins: Pinterest recently introduced Rich pins for bloggers, where you can pin your article meta title, description along with your business logo. For this reason, these rich pins draw more attention compared to other normal pins. This is a must-have tool for bloggers.

Welcome comments: Many bloggers are skeptical about opening ‘Comment’ section on their blog, anticipating negative comments. However, when someone says something negative about your blog, it is more due to the differences of opinion than personal grudges. So, there is nothing personal. Accept the comments as they come and learn from them.

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