Have you met your partner online? | SocialExcerpts

Have you met your partner online? | SocialExcerpts

Have you met your partner online? Oct 18

Have you met your partner online? This is quite a pertinent question in the current scenario, when our everyday life seems incomplete without 2.0 technologies, social networks, and smartphones.

Eric Buhi, professor of South Florida University, spent many years in his research to find what sexual risks were there for young people, who met online. He conducted his study on a group of students in his university.

Unexpectedly, what he found is much soberer than what was thought to be. He discovered that internet and social networks are nothing but the modified version of telephone communication for young generation. The researcher reasoned that dating is nothing new to them, but the mode is.

Conducted on more than 2000 university students and USF, the researcher asked each one of them a couple of questions about their partners and their experiences. Based on the answers, they were divided into three groups: Met partner offline, online, and both offline and online.

According to the study, the people, who met their partners online, are not at greater risk, compared to other two groups. Moreover, the study showed that people, having the worst ‘sexual health profile’, met their partners both online and offline. It is probably because the respondents go by their personal choices, and not by the platform or technology.

You can take a detailed look at the study once the magazine, Sexually Transmitted Diseases journal, releases this December.

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