Google’s New Privacy Policy | SocialExcerpts

Google’s New Privacy Policy | SocialExcerpts

Google’s New Privacy Policy Jan 25

Google announced its new privacy policy on Tuesday. The company’s blog announced that several changes in its terms of service and privacy policy were coming into effect from March 1.

In the new system, one privacy document will replace 70 odd ones for different products of Google. This means, now Google can extract information from one service and deliver it to any user via another. Thus Google’s much awaited fusion of various products (like Google+, GMail, Youtube and several others) will now be complete.

“In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience,” the blog says.

This announcement assumes significance in light of Google’s new “Search Plus Your World” policy. The change in social search algorithm ruffled many feathers on Social Media, even prompting micro blogging site Twitter to openly criticize the search engine giant.

“Over time, it will result in better search results and ads,” the privacy policy explanation video posted by Google says. It also adds that Google “promotes data liberation” (since users were free to take their data off the grid). Google also assured that it will never sell user data.

With these series of changes, Google is moving towards making search customized for an user. With less legal jargon in privacy policy, it has become more transparent too. Will these measures boost Google’s monopoly over social search?

What do you say?

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