Google shuts down shop in China |

Google shuts down shop in China |

Google announced shutting down its Google Shopping Service in China. The website is still up but Google has already confirmed that in a post on a blog for China and was translated through Google translate service.

“We are committed to developing excellent products to help businesses make better use of Internet technology to grow and be successful. To achieve this goal, we need to be more focused on those who really give the online marketing of Chinese enterprises to bring about change more influential products – this means that we must carefully assess existing projects to ensure that the products we are developing and technology can bring real change to the customer’s business and life in China.

In order to better optimize resources, we have decided to close the shopping search service in China. Shopping search the original intention of the development of this product is to set up a bridge between consumers and retailers and traders. Influence after the release of this product, however, did not meet our expectations; we will close this service in China. But we remained unchanged commitment to export goods to other countries around the world and help the Chinese businessmen, Chinese traders can still use Google Shopping to reach consumers in other markets.Accordingly, the future we will focus on mobile advertising AdMob application products, mobile and desktop display advertising products, export-oriented search advertising products. The closure of the shopping search service will be effective on December 12, 2012.

We never afraid to try bold, brave innovative ideas, and will continue to do so in the future. Focus resources on core mobile, display and export advertising products, we will be better able to help Chinese enterprises to thrive on the Internet.”

Back in October, Google closed its Music Search in China after failing to resist competition from Baidu, which signed a licensing deal with One-Stop China which is a joint venture of Universal, Sony BMG and Warner.

Just like its music search, Google Shopping in China is also facing a stiff competition, including Alibaba’s own retail search service eTao. Yahoo!, Google’s rival, owns a 23% stake in Alibaba.

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