Google plus Hangout becoming a trend? | SocialExcerpts

Google plus Hangout becoming a trend? | SocialExcerpts

Google plus Hangout becoming a trend? Sep 15

We have always known Spielberg to do something different. Technology is his forte and he makes use of it to no end. His movie “Lincoln” made its debut with a hangout with himself on Google+ on September 13, 2012. This was the first time ever any movie trailer was launched on Google+. Will it become a trend? We will have to wait and watch.

 In addition to the movie trailer,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt and legendary Steven Spielberg also partook in the live chat during the hangout.

 Fans RSVP’d the event at and could participate in the discussion. They had to submit a YouTube video with the hashtag #LincolnHangout explaining their interest in the movie and the questions they wanted to ask Gordon-Levitt and Spielberg.

 Lincoln will hit the theaters on 9th of November this year. It features Lincoln’s final months in the office. Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Lincoln. The pre-release photos of the actor of this movie can be considered downright phenomenal

 Things to notice in this movie is that Day-Lewis and Spielberg has taken precarious measures to portray the historical details and also on Lincoln’s voice. Though we can do without the clichés of the trailer, but this movie screams an early Oscar favorite.

Narendra Modi did a hangout on Google+ few days ago and we covered it here.

 If you leave everything else, the social media presence of this movie is worth mentioning. Do you think Google+ Hangout will eventually become a mandate for us? Let us know.

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