Google introduced Google Plus ads with a twist |

Google introduced Google Plus ads with a twist |

No matter whether you are an ardent Google Plus user or not, if you are a marketer, you ought to give the search engine giant some credit for creating impressive advancements now and again. This time, Google is experimenting with social ads. Yes, Google launched Google Plus ads with a twist. And the twist is, it will not run on Google Plus.

Confused? Actually, Google is going to use their social network for creating ads, but not run them on the space. So, where will these ads run? They will be running on the Google Display Network that includes 2 million sites. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Google is all set to test a new Google Post ad structure as promoted posts. The system translates any public Google Plus post into an ad, so that it can run across Google’s Display Ad network.

Now the question is how brands can make use of this new program?

Let’s see!

This ad feature is applicable to all public posts on Google Plus. Any business can create these ads to run on the Google Display Network. A brand can transform any photo, video or even Hangout into the ad. They just need to create a publicly visible post on Google Plus and then ask Google to turn it into an ad.

According to Google Plus product manager, Eran Arkin, this new ad advancement will be beneficial to increase the click-through rates. Moreover, it will also boost engagement by providing an option for the viewers to share and comment on the ad content. These comments or actions will be accessible from the concerned Google Plus account. Google also claims that these ads have 50% better expansion rates than the rich media advertising.

With this, Google also provokes the argument that it certainly makes more sense to run so-called ‘social’ ads outside the concerned social media platform, to ensure a broader reach. Google says,

“Lets brands think of the entire web as their social stream.”

Google has rolled out this new ad system to a few marketers now. And according to Google, they have plans to offer the feature to more marketers next month. They introduced the ad feature with a Toyota video, who are offered the service first.

You can have a clear idea of how brands can use their Google Plus public posts to create the social ads for the web. However, these ads expand to full screen lightboxes to offer the audience a better view.

How these ads work:

When it comes to Google, everything revolves around searching. And with the new ads, Google is trying to make your search experience better. Mashable simplifies it, “If you are in the market for a minivan, you might see a Toyota ad pop up on AutoTrader or another car enthusiast site. In that sense, the units behave much like Facebook’s promoted posts. The Google+ ads don’t include recommendations, though — only public posts from Google+ users. A comment from someone in one of your circle won’t jump to the top, like one in Facebook’s Sponsored Stories will do.”

This, in turn, also does good to Google by driving traffic back to Google Plus. According to eMarketer, Google is expected to earn $3.1 billion from these display ads, which is much higher than Facebook’s $2.8 billion. And in addition to that, Google Plus remains an ad-free zone, as always!

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