Google Authorship – admit it or not, you need it! |

Google Authorship – admit it or not, you need it! |

Google Authorship! Does it mean just another profile updating to you? Well, it’s high time to change your thought, especially if you want Google to recognize your digital identity. And now you will want it more desperately because Google has integrated G+ into the search results by adding a social layer on top of every search results. In other words, you will see what is hugely influenced by Google recommended social graph.

How does it affect you?

With this integration, search results for every person would be personalized, which is indirectly related to your keyword ranking. And thanks to the latest happening in Googleplex, namely Hummingbird, your web authority is kind of a big deal now, more than anything else.

Google Authorship. What’s that?

Google Authorship creates a viaduct between a blogger and his content. Once you claim your Google Authorship, your content will be visible with your Google Plus image and a brief introduction on the web. And the bonus is more enhanced and authenticated search listings.

How to achieve Google+ Authorship?

There are two ways to do it.

You can either register with an email account from your blog or website or you can connect your blogs with your G+ profile.

If you contribute to more than one blog, the latter would be best fit for you.

Go to the About tab of your profile, then go to the Contributor section and add your author page for every blog, you contribute to.

Now add the link on your blog for your G+ profile. It can be anywhere in the post. It should be followed by with a ?rel=author tag, which means it should look like – tag

Is Google Authorship necessary?

If you blog and want to build influence, then it’s a must for you.

4 reasons you need it:

Once you claim your authorship, your G+ profile image would appear next to your published content. It helps to build your web identity and establishes you as an authenticated blogger. It offers an enhanced visibility and more attention from web readers.

After you get your Google Authorship, you can check out the performance of each and every blog posts that are linked through your G+ Authorship. You can view the stats under the Labs tab of Google Webmaster Tools. This is significantly useful, if you contribute to more than one blog.

Google Authorship encourages reliability in your audience’s mind. Many people are now skeptical about the authenticity of an article, even if it appears on the first page of Google search results. But when it shows up with your Google Authorship, it increases its clickability, as the readers trust a person, whose identity is trusted by the leader of the web.

Google Authorship offers a channel to protect your intellectual property on the web. Web authors and bloggers, who have set up their Google Authorship, not only enjoy an upper hand in search results, but also gain good author ranks by Google.

It works in a simple way.

Google Authorship = More reliability on the web = More visitors = More clicks = More +1s = Higher rank On Google search results

Try it with any search query. You will find one or more Google authenticated blogs or articles in the top results of your searches.

No matter if you are a professional blogger or representing a brand, Google Authorship is a must for you. So, claim your Google Authorship today!

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