Get ready for 2014! |

Get ready for 2014! |

It’s already December! And the holiday season is about to begin with ringing bells and nippy breeze. While you must be busy planning your holiday with family and friends, it’s also important to plan the next year’s social media activity. Is it a bit advance to plan for 2014 social media dairy? NO! Instead, it would save your time during the holiday season, the time that you would prefer to spend with your loved ones. And the other advantage is, when others will start planning, you will have the process, running.

So, let’s start!

Look back at this year’s achievements: You must have followed a social media strategy this year. Time to evaluate it! Analyze if the strategy worked for you. Tally the expected numbers with the results and don’t forget to measure the RoI.

Critically scrutinize every channel that you opted for. Try to figure out the best social networks that gave you the optimum RoI. Identify the weakest channels as well. This will give you an insight about the best channels, working for you. Accordingly, you can plan the future weeks.

Similarly, look closely at the social media content that you posted throughout the year in order to assess what type of content suits your readers. Give more stress on visual content to define your business.

Set your next year’s goal: What you could not achieve this year, the New Year might help you attain. Set your goals for the New Year. First of all, finalize the channels that you want to focus with the new plan. Strategize how to plan your social media activity on different channels.  Write down the expectations from each of the channels first and then compute them with the overall expected results. The results are either tangible or intangible. Always include both of them in the calculation.

Create the New Year’s calendar: Every year, there are so many festivals, occasions and National Holidays. If you plan your social media calendar in advance accordingly, it would save a lot of time, energy and last minute hassles. In order to do it, segregate your audiences in accordance with their country. For example, if your audiences majorly belong to India and the US, you need to keep their calendars in mind while creating the calender.

Plan your social content: Now that your social media strategy and goals are in place, you can proceed towards social media content creation. If the previous content strategy worked fine for you, don’t hesitate to keep it. In addition, try to include more interesting content, related to your business. According to the experts, the year 2014 will be a year for visual content. So, focus more on video, images and infographics.

And you are ready for the New Year. Don’t forget to schedule the posts during Christmas, to ensure that you enjoy with your family and friends to the fullest. Enjoy the holiday!

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