Five Human Qualities That You Need to Succeed on Social Media |

Five Human Qualities That You Need to Succeed on Social Media |

human-qualities-of-social-media-managerSocial media is a wonderful tool. Isn’t it? It’s cost effective and easy to target your potential customers, no matter where they are located geographically. But have you given it a thought that the same facilities are open to your competitors. So, you need to do something special in order to attract your target group before your competitors steal them.

Here are some human qualities that you must have if you want to succeed as a social media marketing manager:

Friendliness: A friend does not want to sell his services to his friends. Remember, the main purpose of social media is to make acquaintances. So, don’t mistake the platform as a marketing channel. Rather be a friend and act like a friend. Whenever a user finds difficulty, help him, no matter if it boosts your sale funnel or not.

Add value: If you fail to add value to your social media users’ time, they will not appreciate you on the space. This is the first rule of engagement for any business. Always offer the stuff that would help your audience. It might be a tip, a suggestions or an industry news. Moreover, select your niche and target the users who would be interested in listening to you.

Maintain secrecy: The mantra of social media marketing success lies in a trick to leave a small gap so that your potential users come back to you with a query. So, don’t tell everything on the platform. Leave a small secret. Make your audience come to you with a question or doubt.

Keep fresh: It’s high time to goodbye to old stuff. Social media is about freshness and you have to adopt it too. Study market and try to understand what your community wants. You can conduct surveys as well to know what they like and dislike. Create your posts accordingly. Even if you need to use your old posts, present them in a new avatar and only when it is contextual.

Be a nurse: To ensure social media success, you need to touch your user-base’s pain points. These can be the issues they face everyday at work or at home or stuff that they struggle to attain. Bring the healing quality in yourself into play and address their pain points with a definite solution.

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