FB fan page vs G+ business page | SocialExcerpts

FB fan page vs G+ business page | SocialExcerpts

FB fan page vs G+ business page Nov 25

Google Business Page is just launched. While it’s been the most-awaited thing after Google introduced G+, Facebook had already brand pages for businesses. And with the launch of G+ business page, Facebook and Google again zero down to a never-ending competition. While many are of opinion that Facebook business pages can better serve the organization, some reason that it’s too early to comment on G+ business page results. However, we have made our assessment whether Google Business Pages will be a hit or miss in competition with Facebook Fan pages.

Facebook has more users: Facebook has more active users than Google+. And admit it or not, it definitely keeps Facebook on an advantage. Facebook has more than 800 million active users while Google+ has only 43 million users. Half of the total FB users log in regularly, while on G+ is number of regular visitors is really low. It has been observed that only tech-savvy web population embraced Google Plus, while the rest of the world still looks at Facebook for connecting with people.

Facebook offers key services: Facebook offers key services to business, which would help them to sell their products or services to the potential consumers. For example, Google Plus does not allow us to list audio files to our profile. Moreover, Google Apps for Business, Google Voice, Google Apps for Nonprofits etc. should be integrated on the platform.

Facebook allows contests and promotions: Google Plus clearly states You may not run contests, sweepstakes, offers, coupons or other such promotions (“Promotion”) directly on your Google+ Page.” For this reason, no business organization can organize promotions and contests in order to draw more attention on Google+. On the contrary, you can enjoy unlimited contests and promotions on Facebook, which help you grow your network to a great extent.

Facebook posting is easier: Google Plus involves nearly four panels to connect with your audience. You need to create content separately for photos and videos on the platform. On the other hand, there are automatic posting tools available for Facebook, where you can address all kinds of content trough one channel.

Google+ offers better video promotion: Google Plus offers a better platform for video promotion. So, if you are a business and have a presence on Google Plus, you must have a video.

So, we can see that Facebook is still ahead of Google Plus as business tool. If Google wants to attract organizations of all domain, they should revive their strategy.

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