Facebook’s tinkered algorithm | SocialExcerpts

Facebook’s tinkered algorithm | SocialExcerpts

Facebook’s tinkered algorithm Nov 23

Facebook’s latest algorithm though promises a lot to the users, it is proving to be a killer for small businesses. Is the amount of time and energy needed to stay on top of each Facebook business and client pages, worth it? Facebook tinkered with its algorithm almost 3 months ago and if you are wondering why we are writing about it now, let’s just say, we maintain client pages and the budget is getting overbearing. The value of the platform is becoming questionable.

Though one can pay to advertise or promote posts to ensure a higher percentage of fans see the page posts, but the recent change in the algorithm means that this would be an ongoing process if a brand wants to be seen on a regular basis. And even then, Facebook doesn’t guarantee a thing.

Of course, Facebook is entitled to every penny it charges for its services, but have you ever wondered if they aren’t shooting themselves in the foot with all these changes? If the small businesses, who are unwilling or unable to pay to show up in the newsfeed of their fans, decide that the time and energy involved in having a Facebook presence isn’t justified at all, what impact will it have on Facebook? Will Facebook lose big time on the advertising money that these small businesses might have spent on Facebook ads hoping to get some output in terms of fans or likes? Or is this a sign of things that are going to unfold not only from Facebook but other networking sites as well?

Facebook with 1 billion users around the globe, might be the big kid on the block today but, things do not take time to change on social media. If it fails to deliver the promised value congruent to user/business expectations, even a giant like Facebook can eventually fade out, just like Orkut and MySpace.

Many small businesses pay to advertise on Facebook to grow the number of likes and fans on their page and eventually show up on their fans’ timeline. Not so now. Facebook got more social. The probability of a post appearing on a user’s timeline depends on how socially popular the post is. So the change in the algo means that now comments and like on the post would boost the chances of its place in the newsfeed, and not just spending on promotions as it was earlier.

Facebook has become a tool for most businesses which will require an ongoing cash investment into advertisement to see results. It is no longer a matter of advertising to launch with healthy number of fans. Now what you will need to do is pay… and pay and pay.

Today, irrespective of how many fans you have, only a small percentage is likely to see your posts on their newsfeed, that too only after you pay. In a small business investment is a major concern. So it is quite difficult for them to keep up with ever demanding Facebook.


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