Facebook’s Mention Box at the Emmy’s | socialexcerpts.com

Facebook’s Mention Box at the Emmy’s | socialexcerpts.com

For this Emmy Awards, Facebook unleashed a new computer device. It’s called the Mention Box. It’s an “oversized tablet with Facebook’ logo”. It’s designed with an aim to connect Facebook users with their favorite celebrities at the event.

According to wsj.com, “it’s designed to connect fans on Facebook with their favorite celebrities. Facebook plans to deploy it at events where celebrities are in attendance. The celebrities, Facebook hopes, will look into the tablet’s camera and provide video responses to questions posted on Facebook.”

In this effort, Facebook has teamed up with Access Hollywood. When the host would walk around and talk with celebs, they would hand over the device to them. According to Mashable, “the device is similar to a Q&A station that Facebook’s Instagram business ran at the Golden Globes in January.” However, there is no doubt that the Mention Box is a unique way to connect fans with their favorite stars at a live event.

How would this work:

  • Go to Access Hollywood’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AccessHollywood
  • Ask questions to your favorite stars.
  • Billy Bush, the host of the show, will roam around the hall with the device.
  • He will hand it over to celebs.
  • The celebs then have to shake the device to see the question.
  • They would answer the questions by using the built-in screen or video camera.
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