Facebook newsfeed dissected | SocialExcerpts

Facebook newsfeed dissected | SocialExcerpts

Facebook newsfeed dissected Oct 16

The verdict goes like this, “If you want more fans, post often”. You heard it. The way to beat Facebook algorithm is to post often.

You must have read a dozen of times before not to post often or you are going to bring utter boredom to your fans, causing them to unlike or ignore your posting. This in turn will affect which of your posts gets seen in your fan’s newsfeed.

The 3 simple ways to reach your consumers:

  1. Know your fans: Do you know your fans well? And do you know for sure that they do not like you posting 5 to 6 times a day? What we are trying to say is you would not know until you tired posting. You can measure the love by the post likes, shares, comments and overall organic reach. Posting at different times of the day and the week also helps. It is very important to find out when your fans are using Facebook. To reach out to your fans is the best choice you got. But do space out the post for every 3 hours and vary the times daily until you start getting the results you are after- more likes, shares, comments and organic reach.
  2. How does the mysterious algorithm works: It works like this, the more engaging your content, the higher the impact it will have on your reach going forward. Engaging content is the content that promotes more clicks by liking, commenting or sharing the post. Knowing when to post will also boost your engagement. But don’t post multiple times a day if you don’t have a good understanding of your fans. More likely, it will hurt your newsfeed.
  3. Having a relevant content: Engaging content will appear higher in a fan’s feed if they interact with your post more frequently. But engaging content is not an easy job. You will need to understand your fans. What pokes them to like, comment or share? The bottom line is post often with different content, images, links, status updates, texts, etc. Once you figure out how to grab your fans attention post it and if it’s engaging, according to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, posting often won’t hurt.

Facebook is evolving faster than we can keep up with. That is why it is so very important that if you are trying to promote your brand on Facebook, you need to evolve too. Whether it’s posting more or less, the mantra is to figuring out your audience.

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