Evi Takes On Siri | SocialExcerpts

Evi Takes On Siri | SocialExcerpts

Evi Takes On Siri Jan 30

Android users can rejoice. An android equivalent of Siri, the popular artificial intelligence app on iPhone 4S, can now be added to your phone. Named Evi, this app is available for free download in the android market. It is also available to iPhone users for a nominal charge of $0.99.

Developed by True Knowledge, Evi is touted as the competitor for Siri. Not only does Evi give amazing answers to the queries of users, but its availability on any android or iPhone gives it an edge over Siri.

The iPhone app couples a licensing of Nuance’s voice recognition technology (hence the nominal charge for downloading the app) and True Knowledge’s engine. Turning speech into text is difficult and so is understanding the text and interpreting it to get an insight into the user’s query. Evi has been designed to perform all these tasks, albeit its performance is less perfect as of now. But we can hope it will give satisfactory results in due course of time.

Unlike Siri, Evi will not be able to add reminders to the calendar or allow user to dictate text messages. However, it integrates many sources to elicit accurate results eg Yelp, external APIs, websites etc. One of the major drawbacks of Evi is that it is slow.

Surely, in the days to come Evi will overcome its current shortcomings and rage on a full-fledged war with Siri. Until then, why don’t you give Evi a try?

Do share your experience of using Evi with us. Feel free to use the comments box below.

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