Dream employers uncovered! | SocialExcerpts

Dream employers uncovered! | SocialExcerpts

Dream employers uncovered! Nov 21

What is your dream company? Which sector would you prefer to join after finishing your studies? Web industry, investment banking, or sales? According to a recent survey by Universum, one out of five young professionals would like to join Google Inc. Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., US State Department, and Walt Disney secured their places in the list of top five most sought after companies for freshers and young professionals.

This is the second year in a row that Google Inc. topped the Universum survey. The researchers asked nearly 6700 young workers under the age of 40, having 1 to 8 years of work experience. They were asked to choose five employers, which they dream of being associated with. This way they made a list, containing 200 companies.

While Google topped the list, many financial organizations witnessed a steep fall. For example, Bank of America Merril Lynch moved to number 77 from 48 this year. The research team did not collect specific data to comment on the reason of the downfall of financial sector, but according to Chris Cordery, the director of Americas, Universum, poor economic condition may be the reason for the sector to loss attraction.

About Google, Cordery remarked, “Google Inc. established a very strong brand in what its culture is, in what it’s like to work there. Candidates look at Google as compensating employees well and offering challenging work but at the same time it will be a fun and strong culture.”

The study also revealed typical mentality of the young workforce in the country. 61% of young grads plan to leave their jobs after two years, but cannot do so due to the rocky economic condition. 40% of the respondents say that they are exceptionally looking for stability in their employer. For this reason Govt. sector jobs seem lucrative for many. Of course, there are reasons that Federal Bureau of Investigations, US State Department, and Central Intelligence Agency manage to appear in the list of top 10.

Quite an eye opener. Eh?

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