Do you like Google+? | SocialExcerpts

Do you like Google+? | SocialExcerpts

Do you like Google+? Oct 17

Is Google+a mere mimic of Facebook?

This debate takes a new round of trial with a post by a Google employee. Steve Yegge, a senior engineer at Google posted a critical analysis about Google+. And what he has concentrated in his 4000-word piece is, why Google+ is a “complete failure”. Yegge reasoned, “Google+ is a prime example of our complete failure to understand platforms from the very highest levels of executive leadership (hi Larry, Sergey, Eric, Vic, howdy howdy) down to the very lowest leaf workers (hey yo),” and he continued, “We all don’t get it”.

Here are the reasons that Yegge mentioned in his post as a drawback of the Google social network.

  • Facebook has over 750 million active users, while Google+ has only 43 million. Any G+ lover would argue that Facebook was launched in 2004 while Google+ has not completed six months into operations. Considering this fact, anyone should say that G+ is doing quite well. But according to Yegge, Google+ is yet to be social, in the truest sense.
  • The marketing strategy behind Google+ is just awesome. Google created the hype much before the platform was launched or was introduced to public. After the buildup, everyone was begging for a Google+ invitation, as if their social media existence would be completely in vain without it. It was only after using it, people have realized that G+ was not as extraordinary as it was thought to be.
  • Yes, there are some features in Google+, which are noble indeed, like Hangouts or Circles. But there are already platform like Skype and Facebook Groups, which can serve the purpose, effectively.
  • Google+ is still complicated and vague for many. People have switched from MySpace to Facebook and stayed there, simply because Facebook is simpler and easier to understand. On the contrary, Google+ has failed to create the user-friendliness as well as mass awareness, which would be motivating enough for people spending hours on Facebook, according to Yegge.

These are some of the criticisms that Yegge pointed out against Google+ in his post. Whether you will agree to his view or not, depends on your experience with G+. Do share it with us, here.

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